Teaching and Mentorship

Ocean Outreach Materials Project (2021 - 2022)

Faculty Research Assistant Program (2020-2022)

Biology Senior Honors Program (2020 - 2021)

Research Mentorship Program (2020 - 2021)

Ocean Global Change Biology REU (2019)

ES 60 - Environmental Ecology (UCSB Teaching Assistant, Spring 2022)

BIOL 27 - Animal Behavior (Dartmouth Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 2014)


Amelia L. Ritger

PhD Student

University of California, Santa Barbara

I am a proud member of the Hofmann Lab working on my PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at UC Santa Barbara. Prior to joining the graduate program at UCSB, I worked as a research assistant with the Kronauer Lab at Rockefeller University and as an independent scientist at the Caribbean Marine Biological Institute in CuraƧao. I received my BA from Dartmouth College, where I was able to explore my love for Ecology and realize a new interest in Anthropology.

While I have explored a variety of questions in an array of systems, my current research uses the strawberry anemone (Corynactis californica) and the black turban snail (Tegula funebralis) to better understand large-scale patterns of intraspecific variation, phenotypic plasticity, and local adaptation. I am an experimental ecologist at heart, happiest when I am exploring out in the field and making new discoveries in the lab.


  • biogeography
  • intraspecific variation
  • phenotypic plasticity
  • local adaptation
  • behavioral ecology


  • B.A. Biology; Anthropology modified with Environmental Studies

    Dartmouth College (2015)

  • Ph.D. Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

    University of California, Santa Barbara (in progress)